1991 All American 3 Year Old Hackney Roadster Mare
Lambert "Jr." Schut - Dun-Haven Aire of Elegance




Lines 5/8" billets, box loops, hand sewn round fronts, 5/8" hand parts hand creased and finished.

Bridle 1/2" cheeks with deep cup black patent covered blinds, hand sewn round winker braces (wire enclosed), patent linde crown, dished solid brass rosettes, 3/8" hand sewn round throat, patent edged brow band and nose band with colored patent center, hand sewn rounds on front check with infinitely adjustable back check (Bits not included).

Girth Black patent covered and padded body, 3/4" roller buckles for pad billets. Tilbury style tugs with safety strap.

Back Strap 5/8" completely lined with box lops.

Neck Strap 1/2" lined billet ends with
hand sewn round middle.



Lines 5/8" billets, open loops, "Machine Sewn" rounds, 3/4" "Machine Creased" hand parts.

Bridle "Machine Sewn" deep cup patent blinds, "false rounds" an throat, front check, and back checks. Patent brow band and nose band and red center (Bits not included).

Girth Patent top, "Machine Creased" 3/4" wrap strap.

Back Strap 5/8" "single" strap with false stitching, buckling crupper.

Breast Strap With Attached Traces Patent body, straight layer and open loops throughout. Traces are "Machine Sewn" rounds.

Neck Strap "False" rounds with false stitching.

Martingale "False" rounds, patent trim.

Pad Patent top with red trim, locking check hook, spring steel tree, "All Machine Sewn."